communicate smarter, not harder

  • quickly create organized groups
  • send messages and share privately
  • easily customize multiple profiles
  • enable push notifications by group
  • sync contacts, sync your life

"This new iOS app is a little bit of everything – it's a communication hub..." - Sarah Perez

Better than group text

it's true. deets is better than texting, even group texting. why? for starters, you always know who you're messaging with. say goodbye to all those useless mystery phone numbers.

You can also add new people. shocker! they'll even see any missed messages.

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the people and the
updates that matter

imagine if you could put the people in your
life into organized groups, so as to make
sending and receiving important information
that much easier? consider it done.

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be yourself, or not

with deets you can customize each profile for
each of your different groups. it's unlikely you
want to share your mobile phone with someone
you just met at a networking convention, etc.

easliy edit the deets relative to any group,
and share the right info with the right people.

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send a "sidebar" to
individual members

there are those times when you need to
say something to someone in particular,
rather than to the whole group, in the midst
of a conversation thread. we've got
a special feature to support exactly that.

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how do you want to use deets?